Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Dance of David

We need to acknowledge the efforts of a young man in our ward. His name is David Green and he is 15 years old (though he looks 25 because he is 6' 4" and sports a full, Grizz'ly Adams beard). A few weeks back, he organized a dance and invited all his peers and then asked them to donate to our adoption fund. Thank you, David!

Hawkes Watching Out From Above

My mother's name is Jane Hawkes, thanks to a man by the name of P. Blaine Hawkes who married her in 2003, and he brought with him a peace, joy, and steadiness to our family.  Grandpa Blaine passed away in December 2007 from complications following heart surgery.  He is missed by so many with 10 children and more than 50 grandchildren and great grandchildren.  He is missed by me as well.  I was especially affected by him in many ways.  He introduced me into the sport and hobby of dog sledding, something that has become a big part of my life for the past six years.  He was a great example of patience and thoughtfulness.  He would sit at his chair and write in his journal every evening.  He would sit in his garage and contemplate new projects.  He spent many hours building a dog training cart for me.  Most of all, he helped my mom and provided activities, companionship, and love for her.  We added the name of Percy (Blaine's first name) to the front of our youngest son's name when we blessed him in tribute to Grandpa Blaine.

About a month ago, Blaine's oldest son Bill invited us over to his home along with my mom, who was visiting from California.  Many of Bill's kids and grandkids, as well as others of Blaine's grand and great-grand kids were there.  We got to listen to a recording of Blaine playing the trumpet and speaking.  Bill taught a lesson about being a good father (and reminded me of Blaine in his demeaner and message).

Then Bill's daughter, Cristina, announced that they were going to host a yard sale to help raise money for our adoption.  We got to tell about Ruslan and Nastia and the events and experiences that led us to pursue their adoption.

Cristina just sent a considerable check in the mail from their sale.

Blaine is still affecting our lives through his posterity.  God bless the day we met him.

Deck the Halls

I found out my dad had given my stepmom a present last year, or at least a promise of a present to build her a new deck off the back of their home in American Fork, Utah.  I found this out when my stepmom told me that, if I helped him keep his promise, she would pay into our adoption fund.
It wasn't a hard decision, because I've always enjoyed working with my dad on carpentry projects.  So, a couple Saturdays, including conference Saturday in October, I traveled the 40 minutes to their home and worked with him on the project.  Also there to help was my brother in law Rick (husband of my stepsister Shannon) and his oldest son.  We had fun jawing at each other and blaming every little thing one on another as only guys can lovingly do.
It turned out great.  There are still a couple little things to do, that my father is finishing up on.
I sure appreciate their thoughts in our behalf.  I could have just as easily helped with nothing in return, but Joan saw it as an opportunity to motivate things along a needed path as well as bless the lives of Ruslan and Nastia.
Thanks for your help.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pampered Chef for Christmas!

Our Pampered Chef online fundraiser is wrapping up this weekend. Please take a look and see if there is anything you'd like to purchase for Christmas presents and help our adoption fund at the same time!

PAMPERED CHEF SALE--ONLINE and IN CALIFORNIA-- www.pamperedchef.biz/jodiescookin

Go to "shop online" at the bottom left hand corner photo.

Select option #1 and type in TWO MORE or HOLLY BENNION as host and order!

Feel free to share this anyone you think might enjoy it!

Thank you Holly and Jodie for all your hard work and effort. You are angels!