Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Deck the Halls

I found out my dad had given my stepmom a present last year, or at least a promise of a present to build her a new deck off the back of their home in American Fork, Utah.  I found this out when my stepmom told me that, if I helped him keep his promise, she would pay into our adoption fund.
It wasn't a hard decision, because I've always enjoyed working with my dad on carpentry projects.  So, a couple Saturdays, including conference Saturday in October, I traveled the 40 minutes to their home and worked with him on the project.  Also there to help was my brother in law Rick (husband of my stepsister Shannon) and his oldest son.  We had fun jawing at each other and blaming every little thing one on another as only guys can lovingly do.
It turned out great.  There are still a couple little things to do, that my father is finishing up on.
I sure appreciate their thoughts in our behalf.  I could have just as easily helped with nothing in return, but Joan saw it as an opportunity to motivate things along a needed path as well as bless the lives of Ruslan and Nastia.
Thanks for your help.

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