Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cool Kids in Castlerock

I found out a few weeks back that my younger sister and her clan in Colorado were raising money for our adoption.

She shared the following:

"So, after seeing your adoption jar story, we set our own one up on the piano.  As we earned money or got allowance, we would put money into it.  It was slow going, because no real paying jobs. :)  I was praying for ideas to get the boys involved in earning money but nothing was coming to me.  One day, Nick was leaving for work and said, "Boys, I want all those leaves raked up in the yard before I get home."  Then it hit me.  We could rake leaves for the neighbors for a donation of $5-$10.   So I made up a flyer explaining "Raking Leaves for Adoption" and when the boys got home from school, we got warm clothes on and started knocking doors.  We only got done with one house when the rain started to fall, but that didn't stop the boys.  We did 3 more homes before it was way too wet.  That night, the rain turned into snow.  We thought our little business was over, but a few days later, it all dried up and we were back knocking doors.  Most people gave very generously.  One of our friends gave $50.00 because he was adopted and this meant something to him!  One lady saw what we were doing and didn't have leaves, but asked if we would walk her dog for a donation.  The boys loved that!  :) 

Next I asked around our ward for donations for the Garage Sale.  We were given so much stuff.  For two (very cold) mornings in Nov. we sold these items while the boys sold Hot Chocolate and Caramels.  One older (gruff) gentleman came and brought his married son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter to the sale.  The adults were very tattooed and had funky hair, but they were very nice and friendly.  As the others were looking around the yard sale, the older man started asking about the adoption.  We talked for a bit about the ridiculous cost of the adoption, the sad things that can happen to the children when they can no longer stay at the orphanage, and other things.  Our conversation ended, his son purchased some items, then they walked to their truck...the older gentleman walked back up to me and shook my hand.  As he let go of my hand, he left something in it, it was a $50.00 bill!  He said, "Give this to your brother".  Then he turned around and walked away.  The tears started to flow! 

Next, I made Nick's grandma's caramels and sold them to people.  After buying 4 bags of caramels, a good friend of mine, Stephanie, mailed me a letter which said, "I just wanted to make another little contribution to the adoption fund...I am genuinely in awe of people who adopt older children, so I have great admiration for your brother & sister-in-law and want to support their great cause.  Plus all things Ukrainian are almost as good as things Russian (she served a mission in Russia), so that tugs and my heart too! Give them our best wishes! ~Stephanie"    In the letter was $100.00! 

Well, thanks for letting me share our experience.  And thanks for the opportunity to serve!  We love you."

What more can we say than just, "WOW!"  We love you too, Sara and the Boys.


  1. That is SO NEAT! Thanks for sharing another heartwarming story. . . I love your blog!

  2. What a great project to earn money. It is so incredible how so many people have sought out ways to help with this adoption. Truly inspirational!