Sunday, January 8, 2012

Phone calls to Ukraine

We are so excited! We got to talk to both Ruslan and Nastya this week! We had tried and tried at the hours we were advised to call but couldn't get anyone to answer the phone at the orphanage. Thankfully, some of the other moms in the adopting group (Vira at and Becky at knew the trick...calling at midnight our time so it was morning over there instead of late afternoon. Becky told me she was praying that we would finally make contact with our kids.

Our first try, the line was busy (which was, in my book, a good sign because it meant somebody was there). We tried again and got another busy signal. Then our four-year-old woke up and needed some love. We sat their gazing at him and I suddenly felt that we had to call right that minute! Marsh got on the phone and within moments was speaking in Russian. We had gotten through!

About a minute later, Ruslan was on the phone with Marsh. They chatted about things and reminisced a bit. Ruslan told him they were going to the theater so he had to go. He also told Marsh that calling for Nastya at the same time tomorrow would work to be able to talk to her. We realized after hanging up the phone that if we hadn't called at that moment, we would have missed him because of how quickly he had to leave to go on their little trip.

It was so cute because when Marsh hung up he smiled sweetly and said, "That was my son. I just talked to my son!" Cute boy that Marsh.

We gave each other a high-five and committed to stay up late again to try to reach Nastya. This time, it was even easier. We were through on the first time and just waited a bit for her to get on the phone. It was our first time hearing her voice. Knowing that we would spend the rest of our lives dedicated to being the parents of the owner of this little voice created a feeling in me I can't quite explain. It's not exactly like holding your baby for the first time, but it's akin to it. There was this new feeling budding in me...a little bit of trepidation and a lot of joy with a little curiosity on the side.

Marsh talked with her for a while and I videoed the whole thing so the kids could see it the next day. We found out things we already knew from what Ruslan told us about her as well as a few new details...she loves to read and do math, she loves studying Russian and English, animals, singing, music and all colors. I did a little more poking and found out that her favorite color was red. Ruslan had told her that we sing a lot as a family, but he hadn't shown her our letter! The things you find out from the sibling! So, we're now going to write to Nastya and Ruslan separately. :)

Once again, my husband is cuter than cute. When he got off the phone with Nastya, he got this big grin on his face and kind of scrunched up his shoulders and said, "She talked to me in the familiar!" Which means, just in case you aren't well versed in other languages, that she was talking to him as she would someone she has known a long time or as she would a friend, rather than as a stranger or someone in authority over her. He was this little puddle after that. And what's cool is...I have it all on video! :)

We can't wait to call again next month! Thanks for the prayers, Becky.

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  1. Oh I am so thrilled that you spoke to both of them! How releaved you must feel to know that they understand you are coming for them and give them the hope they need! I am tingling all over just thinking about it! Wahooo!!!