Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Newest News!

This was the day we were waiting for.  We knew that today our facilitator in Ukraine was going to be finding out when Nastia's paperwork would be ready.  We just got word that she will be freed up on June 1st.  It's later than we'd hoped for, but it works out alright with all our other responsibilites here at home so we are grateful.

Our facilitator is now on his way back to Ukraine to help another family with their court appearance this week and will also be submitting paperwork to extend Ruslan's ticking clock. :)  It sounds like all is lined up to make it work for their two timelines.

We do not yet have an exact SDA appointment (which would tell us when we would actually travel back there), but our facilitator figures it will be either June 4th or 7th.  That is only a few days to a week later than we had hoped for.  As anxious as we are to be with these kids again, we know the Lord is in charge and that it will all work out for the best...even though it may differ from what WE want!  :)  There are always so many blessings to be acknowledged, even when things don't quite go according to our plans.  The Lord's way is ALWAYS the better way!

We expect to hear within the next week about our official SDA appointment and will post another update at that point.


  1. How trying and rewarding at the same time! The curves and goodness the Lord and life give us. Keep up the faith AND your health.