Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 20.3--WE ARE DONE!!!

We blissfully slept in this morning...well, the kids did...I don't know what my problem is but I feel like I'm on alert all the time.  Last night, Ruslan specifically asked me what time we were waking up and was absolutely thrilled to know we weren't getting up at 6am.

Our driver came at about 1pm with the medical forms all sealed up in an envelope that was stamped on the seal.  Very official.  We went straight to the Embassy, all passports in hand this time and everyone fed and no one throwing up.  Today, we knew the drill...which was nice. 
The US Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine

The same guy helped us again and he also knew the drill...which was also nice.  We were soon sitting and waiting for a bit.  The only other people there were American women who were also adopting and waiting for the visas to be all ready.  It was so nice to talk to them!  One was adopting a little 13 month old girl with a cleft palate.  The cleft goes all the way up to her eye.  This woman's children are mostly grown, the youngest of which is 15.

The other woman was adopting three children, two that were brother and sister and one that was unrelated to the others.  This is her second adoption in Ukraine and the first was a real challenge.  We talked about the amount of faith it takes move ahead when things are so difficult but we know it's what the Lord requires us to do.  This gives them six children, two of which are biological.  She was great, a fast friend and we exchanged email addresses.  Her name is Natasha Jones.  :)


The lady at the window who was finishing up all our stuff, had me raise my right hand and swear that everything in the papers was correct to my knowledge.  I was kind of surprised to have her ask me to raise my right hand and when she asked me the question, it was like a scene in a movie where you get sucked into someone's mind and they flashback through all the memories of their lives.  My mind reeled through all the paperwork and records and everything we've done this year.

Soon, we were sitting again and waiting.  Not long later, I was called up to another window and there was the same man again.  He said, "First of all, I want to congratulate you on your adoption..." and then he handed me their passports with the visa page all neatly inserted, the immigration packets that were as thick as most of my other paperwork packets and stapled shut.  He then told me that I needed all these things in my carry on bag as I went home and that these children would be American citizens as soon as they set foot on American soil.  He told me where I needed to go in customs in the airport and some other information.  I suddenly felt the weight of the responsibility I had carrying all of these documents with me! about pressure.

We left the Embassy and decided we needed a party again tonight...why not?  This is big stuff!  We have Ice Age 2 on the laptop and ice cream tonight.  :)

We will have another outing day with dear Zoya tomorrow to say our last goodbyes to Kyiv and Ukraine.  We leave at 3:45 am Friday morning (6:45pm home time) for the airport. 

I can't wait to hug my little babies again.  I'm glad we've worked out some kinks while we've been here...this has been really, really important time together.  But, it will be so good to be home.  I know Chris and Patty are more grateful for The United States of America than they ever could have been without this experience.

Thank you for all the support and prayers.  I know you are out there and that we have been included in your petitions to Heaven.  Without you, this would have been a harder time.  Your faith has helped clear and smooth our path on one of the most important and challenging journeys of our lives thus far.

We will keep making blog posts on occasion to keep you updated, but I know it won't be nearly as frequently as they have been!

Thank you again.  Thank you for your donations, your love, your attention and your prayers.  We love you all and pray for you in return.


  1. Welcome back! Holly will be in Utah on the 12th and see all of you. What more can be said than, "Job well done faithful mother!"

  2. Yay!! Been following this obsessively and thinking of you all. Will look forward to blog updates in the future and from Grandma Jane. How neat is it that they'll be immediate citizens. My parents had to take me through the naturalization process many months later. Glad that won't be the case here. Travel safely!

  3. I have to comment on, "I don't know what my problem is, but I feel like I'm on the alert all of the time." That is exactly how I feel the first few nights after I have a new baby. I know how much I need the sleep, but I just can't. It is sweet that you have the same feeling for these "new babies".
    And you HAVE to keep blogging for awhile. I must know the rest of this story :)

  4. Oh Alisa!!!! Congratulations! It is so hard to believe it is all done. Wow, you have had quite the journey, and I know I have been blessed as you have shared that journey here. I am so happy for you now that it is over. Have a beautiful day tomorrow, and happy and safe journey home!

  5. Woohoo! Congrats Alisa! So glad I was able to follow along, and thank you so very much for all the advice you provided me for our upcoming journey. Wishing you safe travels and a smooth adjustment to life back home.