Sunday, August 14, 2011

Angels in the Outfield: Saturday's fundraisers

It seems to me that the outfielders are sometimes overlooked. Sure, when there is a fly ball all eyes are riveted on them for those few seconds before it comes out of the sky. And if that poor outfielder has the sun in his eyes and drops that ball, all he gets for the effort is a groaning, disappointed crowd.

The pitcher and the batters sure get a lot of attention, though. Like the movie stars of baseball, they are the focus of all the praise, their stats and current state of their personal lives announced over the airways in a flurry of excitement before the crack of the bat connecting with the ball takes the conversation in a different direction. But, if those outfielders weren't there, risking their own well-being at times, landing full force on the ground or jumping farther than humanly possible to catch whatever errant ball the movie star batter sent into space, would there even be a game? The outfielders are the grunt men, the behind-the-scenes heroes that really win the game for their team.

We have angels in our outfield. We met some of them yesterday. They are heroes behind the scenes of this adoption effort; people who want to help in whatever way they can and are making things happen, being anxiously engaged in a good cause, motivated by their own desire to make a difference in the lives of these children.

It all started with a group of my dear friends getting together to prepare several items for the craft booth fundraiser. We may have stayed up as late as I would have had to if I were doing it all by myself, but it wouldn't have been as much fun, that's for sure! They were my first group of angels.

Later, a talented friend called and offered some of the beautiful things she makes to sell at the booth. They were more wonderful than anything I had to put up that day!

At the booth, a sweet friend came to support us. She chose a few things to buy and then wrote out a check for $1000...yes, one thousand dollars. Her comment was, "We can't adopt them, so my husband and I want to help you do it." Husband and wife angels! Another friend commented to me today that the Lord will bless this generous little family a thousand-fold for such a sacrifice. It may not come back to them monetarily, but they will be repaid for such a gift.

We brought it almost $400 at our booth and headed home in the 95 degree heat to pull things together for a concert that a friend had set up in our behalf. While I was home trying to tend to the needs of my other children and my church responsibilities, I debated as to whether or not I had the time or the strength to make MORE cookies for the concert. Within minutes, my mom and another dear friend each called me and offered cookies and brownies they had already made for the concert. More angels.

At the concert, the families there willingly gave donations for our cause. The artist, Jhonny K (, offered to donate all he made from people buying songs off his website last night. We went home feeling humbled and amazed that there are so many generous, loving people in the world. Two young girls came up and gave us $3, all they had. The widow's mite. We all do what we can and that is all the Lord requires. I firmly believe that our family is required to do everything we can, to show the Lord we are willing to make the necessary sacrifices to bring these children to our home, and He will bridge the gap. He will open the way.

A friend said to me today, "The Lord knows you and Marsh could almost walk on water, so now he is requiring you to find the stepping stones He has in place and wants you to cross the ocean" (to Ukraine). He also said, "What you're doing is miraculous and He knows that you can do anything you set your mind to. Now He has asked you to do something you cannot do alone."

When people came to us this weekend with open hearts and the willingness to help, I saw joy in their faces and a glimpse of Zion where we are all of one heart and one mind, working together for those who need us most...some of us giving more than others, but all of us giving what we can. And for that, I believe the Lord will send more angels to the outfields of the lives of those who give...because they have proven that they are on His team.


  1. Marsh,
    My wife and I are so strapped, living mostly on Social Security, that we can't help you financially and I'm sorry. But I'll certainly pray for your success in this heavenly endeavor. I knew before that you were a good guy. I don't think I realized before just how good.
    Jim Haeberle

  2. This is such an inspiring experience and I'm grateful that you are posting it and letting us be apart of it.