Friday, August 5, 2011

A Matter of Resources

After this experience with Ruslan, I will never look at money the same way again. The reality that there are children out there who have all the love and potential he does, changes the reality of what money can do. It is frustrating to think that a lack of funds will keep people from helping these children because of the expense of it all, but that is also a reality.

I believe we will answer for the choices we make concerning our resources. Nothing we have is our own, no matter how hard we think we worked for it. It all belongs to the Lord and He is the One who has chosen whether or not we have been successful in our efforts to obtain it. I recently heard of women whose wedding budgets were between $30,000 and $75,000. Really?! How can we waste our resources in these selfish ways when there are so many people in need, so many children who need families? Where much is given, much is required.

We have been given so much: a home, a wonderful family, incredibly loving children, the gospel of Jesus Christ, food to eat, clothes to wear and every other need taken care of. How could we not do whatever we can to share these blessings?

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