Monday, October 17, 2011

The Green in Green Valley!!

My apologies to all those who may have been waiting for this post. I actually did write it, days ago, but for some reason the only thing that ended up being posted was the picture! Please forgive my lack of attention to all the wonderful accounts of generosity sent in our direction.

With six children already living at home (which include a teenager who has just started his first year of high school, one potty-training cutie and another toddling cutie) I have a challenge keeping my eyes open long enough at night to write...let alone make any sense! You are in our prayers, nonetheless. Your kindness and sacrifice is known not only by us but by our loving Heavenly Father who hears and answers prayers. We pray that you will be added upon for all you have given in our behalf...even if we don't post that we do! :) Now to Green Valley...
Marsh's sweet sister, Holly, rallied the sweet sisters in her area to tirelessly create wonderful things to sell at a fantastic rummage and bake sale in Green Valley, California. Here is their mom's account and feelings about the experience:

WOW, is all I can say. What a week this has been, and with hardly any effort on MY part, but LOTS on Holly's part and our ward's fabulous members. All came forth with creativity, muscle, items donated, foods for sale, sorting skills, arranging skills, you name it.
We made about $3,500, mostly from the items sold, and very little from any actual donation. Holly even arraigned a gal to come and make crepes rolled with yummy stuff in them for sale.

I attached a picture taken from the east side of my yard. Look at the food area and you will see Holly's Buttermilk Syrup, my freezer jams, Emma's hand painted cards, Patty's earrings, breads of all kinds including the Caprisun bags on the hat tree, and other crafts on the decorated tables. Past those (hard to see) are the rows of tables and items in the long driveway for sale including a HUGE, LONG table, couch, several chairs, book cases, etc. BABY clothes up the yingyang, and all kinds of just stuff.

As I mentioned to Alisa, I truly believe in volunteerism. Much more effort, love, and dedication is had with volunteering than with being paid to do the really important things of life.

More donations came in later from other generous people bringing the total for this even to $4,000! What a gift of time, effort and resources. What an incredible thing it is to have women so far away do so much for people they have never met. Women of Christ would, though. They would do all they could to serve Him in whatever way He asked.
I would like to share the message of gratitude that I have sent on to them. It says everything I want to say on the matter:
Dear Sisters, What a joy it is to know that, even a few states away, you sisters are there to help and support someone you have never even met. What an incredible organization this church is that allows us to be bound together in such a way.
As sisters in the Gospel, we know it is our duty to be a "relief" to those who suffer, to lift up the hands which hang down, to strengthen the feeble knees. And as followers of Christ we are to concern ourselves with the fatherless. 

With all your hard work and sacrifice of time, talents and means to put together such a successful fundraiser, you have done all these things!
Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for being willing to share so much of yourselves. We know very well how much time, effort, thought and work goes in to such an event. We are so touched that you would give so freely. The time and resources you spent in behalf of these children was truly consecrated to the Lord. You are doing His work! 

We just want you to know that the amount you brought in with that one event was equivalent to two of our fundraisers! All that effort really paid off! Please know that we consider all these funds sacred and consecrated to the one purpose of bringing Ruslan and Nastia home.
You are in our prayers. As a family, we pray daily for all those generous souls who have done so much for us. We recognize your sacrifice and so does our Heavenly Father. We pray that all that you have given will be received by you again 100-fold in whatever way the Lord knows you need to be blessed. Thank you again! 

Please keep up with us on our blog to see what your efforts have done and follow our journey. With six children already, it's hard to find time to keep up with posting about each and every blessing we receive, but know that you are in our hearts and minds nonetheless!

Much Gratitude,
Marsh and Alisa Morford and children :)

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  1. That is so incredible to see so many volunteer their time and resources for children they don't know and may never meet. That is true Christ like love!