Saturday, October 15, 2011

Voices of Angels

We are so grateful for all the generous souls who are out there making a difference in our behalf! We know there are people working in ways we don't even know about. For example, I saw a friend whom I have not seen for several months when picking my son up from soccer practice. She told me about a little girl who was selling chocolates at the soccer field and when asked what she was earning the money for, she told my friend that it was for the Morford's adoption fund! I still do not know who this little girl is and the experience made me realize that there are people out there pulling for us, sacrificing precious time, effort and resources to help us bring these children home. To all those who are these unseen angels, know that we pray for you daily, requesting that the generosity you spend on our cause will be returned to you 100 fold!

Then, there are those we've had the privilege to meet and interact with. We were so blessed to be asked to participate and be benefited by the Payson High School choir concert this last Wednesday. We put together a slide show of families around our community who are working to answer the prayers of the children throughout the world. We have been so blessed by so many generous people, we wanted to take the opportunity to bring to light the other families who are doing similar things to make a difference in the lives of innocent children who have, for whatever reason, ended up in tragic situations:

The Belks of West Mountain who are adopting Kai, their new Down's Syndrome daughter, from Ghana. They are also building a safe house to allow people to stay there for a period of time to train the adults at the orphanage how to teach effectively so the children can get an education.

The Wards of Genola who have started Endowed Prosperity International, a foundation that connects people who want to make a difference with those who have the means to make it possible.

The Millers and Bahrs, families also adopting from the same orphanage in Ukraine where Ruslan and Nastia live.

We are privileged to know such people and are so grateful to Marilyn, Miranda, Melissa and the PHS choirs for making this event possible and for desiring to make a difference!

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