Thursday, March 29, 2012

We're Going to Ukraine!

The day finally came! We got the call we have been waiting for!
For several days now, every time the phone would ring my heart would skip a beat. Talk about being on the edge of your seat! We have been waiting since last Wednesday, March 21st, which was the 20-business-day mark after the submission of our dossier. We knew that any time after that date, we could hear about our acceptance and appointment...or our rejection (which we didn't have any reason to believe would happen, but one cannot rule out any possibilities).
After a while, I started getting the idea of the pattern of how appointments were being given to other families. We watched two families from North Carolina receive theirs and realized they only had 13 days to get there. Then we knew of a family from our group who had received a request for more paperwork prior to their 20-day mark. Watching these situations, I started to realized that no news was good news. We hadn't heard about a paperwork issue and hadn't received a rejection, so we started to feel pretty secure that things were going to work out. But waiting for the call sure was hard!
The family just ahead of us "in line" (having submitted their dossier a week before we submitted ours), got the call yesterday that they were to be in Ukraine on April 9th...the shortest window of travel time the agency has ever seen! Marsh and I started to realize that this could be our situation, too.
The next day, it was our turn. The call came in and we learned that we are to be in Kiev on the 12th. We now have travel plans and will leave on Monday, the 9th.
We are so excited to know that just two weeks from now we will know Nastia and will be able to hug them and spend time with them. It is the last leg of the journey to bring them home!
I cannot help but think of their mother. I constantly wonder how she feels about it all. I hope she is pleased and desires this for them.

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