Thursday, April 5, 2012

Testing Out Technology

In preparation for our trip to Ukraine, my sweet and technically efficient dad is helping me with understanding how his cool travel gadgets work. I've had a lot of trouble blogging on the laptop I'm going to be taking with me next week so we're working on solutions.

Since Mom and Dad have traveled pretty extensively throughout the world, Dad has come up with ways of getting around the bulky, heavy "equipment" we tend to want to take with us when we travel. So, right now, I'm using my Ipod and a small, remote keyboard. The case for the keyboard sets up to hold an Ipod or Ipad up in front of you and the keyboard as a non-slip surface. One could EASILY use this on an airplane or anywhere there is a hard surface!

Mom and Dad have also outfitted us with a Nook. Nook, like Kindle Fire, allows you to watch movies, read books, play games and even access the internet and email. I wonder if this keyboard would work with it, too. None of us have researched that yet. The great thing about a Nook is that it has a memory card option that Kindle doesn't have. So, at 16 mb each memory card, you can save more movies, apps and books on as many cards as you want and insert them as you desire. Nook does not limit you on memory size like Ipads and Kindle Fires do. Because of these small, compact technologies, travel doesn't have to require books, laptops, DVD players, etc.

Another thing we've done is made the Ipod Skype-ready so we can call home and talk face-to-face with the family from half a world away without having to lug the laptop around with us.

We will be taking a small digital camera for still pictures and my Ipod will be used as a video camera. The fun thing about this is that it works in reverse...the kids have made videos for Ruslan and Nastia of our home and room, etc. We'll be able to show them these videos without having to bring anything bigger than a cell phone.

Our intention is to pack as lightly as possible to make travel much easier. These technologies are definitely helping with that goal!

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  1. Amazing. It this battery run stuff. Or plug in to re-charge?
    Will be following you to the Ukraine.