Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Helpful hints for Orphanage visit

  • If you struggle with the language, bring something to do with your child that is age-appropriate and can be done with your hands or by demonstration.
  • Bring card games or other activities that can be done together and can stimulate conversation in english.
  • Uno, for example, is a game that is loved by children here and they have different ways of playing it. But, it is also good for practicing english as you tell them the names of colors and numbers. They can teach you those words in their language, too.
  • Bring pictures of your family and home, including the living space the child will be in once they arrive.
  • Bring books to read together, pictures to color, anything that will stimulate conversation.
  • Buy a ball or other outdoor activities to do together, but plan to leave it/them at the orphanage.
  • Don't bring anything you want back. It is very possible the children will not be able to keep anything or it may be taken from them by another child.
  • Pay close attention to the body language of your child. You can tell if they are scared or uncomfortable or happy and peaceful. Respect their feelings and look for other ways to interact.
  • Watch their body language and facial expression to see if they like or dislike what your activity is. A child who seems to not be paying attention may be bored. Bringing a variety of age-appropriate activities will help you zero in on your child's interests and likes/dislikes.


  1. Great ideas! Hope they work for you.

  2. I found your blog and I want to thank you so much for your helpful hints. We hope to travel in October and will keep them in mind!