Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Helpful Hints--Ukraine--Day 5

  • So now that we've been to Kharkov (pronounced "HAR-kuv"), I am recinding my comment about jeans. They do wear them...even in the smaller towns. So, feel free to wear jeans because you'll fit in just fine.

  • Older women wear longer skirts and the younger wear the shorter ones. Someone asked if we had grandchildren. Ouch. I'm hoping it was my long skirt that gave the impression I was older!

  • Coats are worn even in nicer weather. It is still colder at night and the wind does seem to blow pretty much everywhere, but even during the day they wear their coats because it is believed that when you get cold at all, you get sick.

  • I found Downy Wrinkle Releaser in the Walmart travel size isle before coming here. It's a small bottle and cost less than $2 but we have successfully used it to release wrinkles! :) I have found that rolling clothes seems to keep them less wrinkled and between these two techniques, I'd say an iron isn't necessary.

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