Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day 10.3--Sunday

Saying our goodbyes at the Mariupol branch.  The sister missionaries are on the left and our wonderful Gospel Essentials teacher is on the right between Chris and Patty.  We attended Gospel Essentials so the missionaries could translate for us.  It was a wonderful time with these wonderful people!

More friends to say good bye to.  We are excited to be able to go to their house again for Family Home Evening again Monday night.  It will be our last chance to be with the wonderful church friends we've made in the short time we've been here.

After church and before our visit to the orphanage, the kids helped with some last minute preparations for our dinner with the missionaries.  When Marsh bought corn flakes on the last trip that he ended up not enjoying, I used them to bread chicken and fry it.  It was a hit with him and with the kids, so I figured the missionaries would like it, too.  Here, the kids use plastic plates to crush the corn flakes since there are no Ziploc-type bags available anywhere around here!

Ouru visit to the orphanage was short, but fun.  Because it was the Sabbath, we stayed inside and did things together.  Here, Nastia and Patty show off the projects they are making for friends and sisters.  Nastia will give these little bags, with fabric flowers attached and the name of the recipient in glitter paint on the front and a photo album inside, to her friends as a goodbye gift.

When we first arrived, Ruslan sat down and said, "One!" with bright eyes and such exuberance I knew what he meant.  I said, "Yes!  One day!" To which he replied, "Then, HOME!" I had to remind him that unfortunately "Kiev first, then home!" to which he smiled and said, "Oh yeah.  Kiev, then HOME!" 

Back at the apartment, Patty made sure everything was organized for our guests!

We were so excited to find actual ketchup at the store yesterday that I decided I would have to make potato patties so we could use it...but I made so much fried chicken it got used on that instead.  It hit the spot, though, because many of the missionaries were complaining that they ate too much...ALWAYS a good sign and a compliment to the chef!

Here's the stuffed clan...present and future missionaries.  These elders and sisters have become dear, dear friends of ours in just this week we've known them.  I'm absolutely amazed that in such a short time, one can come to love others so much.  The tie hanging on Chris' shoulder was given to him by Elder Fish, sitting on Chris' right hand.  He had asked Chris what his favorite color was.  Then, tonight he showed up with a brand new tie for him.  It will, of course, be Chris' favorite tie for the rest of his life!

Elders Carley and Arrington brought this beautiful bread braid to dinner.  They had told Chris about it but they wanted it to be a surprise for me...and it was!  I was totally impressed!  Elders Fish and Hardy brought homemade of their moms sent a Betty Crocker package in the mail.  Between the cookies, watermelon, fried chicken, cucumbers, rice, ice cream and the bread braid, they commented on how good it was to have American food again!  It made me think about how much Ruslan and Nastia will miss what they are used to...and I'm sure I'll never make it quite right, even when I do try!  Poor kids!

These Elders were so cute at the door, I had to take a picture.  This was on their way out to go home.  What a joy to have them with us...we had more fun than we deserved!

Sister Fitzgerald was hot and wishing her hair was up off her back.  We brought her into the one room with air conditioning and Patty did her hair up in a braid and then a bun.  So sweet!

So, just one more day of visiting the orphanage and the page will turn. The only thing we'll miss about our visits there are being able to love and hug the other kids. If it were up to me, we'd adopt them all...along with all six of the missionaries serving here. One REALLY big, happy family! :)

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  1. Super experiences for a super crew. Glad you are having them and influencing our lives as well.