Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Little News...

We found out a few days ago that while our facilitator was reviewing our papers, it was discovered that Nastia's paperwork had an error on it.

Now, I know there are many reactions going on out there to this little piece of information, because we ran the gamet of emotions here, too.  Which one do you relate to?  Marsh said, "Of course it wouldn't be easy."  The kids randomly responded with various protests like "WHAT??  You're kidding!" and "No way!" and others were silent but rolled their eyes or slapped their foreheads. 

Me?  I laughed.  I'm sorry...I did.

See, there comes a point at which you start to wonder if you're on Candid Camera or something.  Have you ever been there?  Where life seems like a comedy of errors and you kind of sit in the middle of everything and watch it turn to chaos in slow-mo?  Are you with me on the imagery here?

Between car transmissions going out, new sheep moms rejecting babies so you have to bottle feed them, kitchen sink faucets breaking off in your hand, washing dishes in the bathtub and getting drinks from bathroom sinks, working four or five hours a day on a garden that is 2 1/2 weeks behind on maintenance because you WERE out of the country and are leaving AGAIN.  Then there is the wonderful teenage scenario that I can't divulge right now because it involves having to talk to a set of fellow homeschooling parents, whom I don't yet know, to tell them that their child is not being the best influence on one of my own children, and there comes a time when you just gotta laugh when one more thing happens.

I'm sure you've all been there.

The other thing I've learned about international adoption is that you never really know anything and that can mean that you are in for good news...or bad.  I figure this is something that will just be taken care of by our facilitator in Ukraine and we heard he was already accessing a correct document so we are, right now, under the assumption that all is still well and things will move forward.

He did skype with Marsh the next day and asked what dates we would be able to come to court.  I assume that means we are just waiting to find out which of those dates work...not that we have paperwork problems that will cause us to have to wait until August or September or 2025.

So, the final word is that we should know Monday the 2nd what to expect in terms of our return trip.  Our two oldest kids will be coming with us as my companions during the waiting period after court.  Marsh will need to return home immediately after court to get back to work so they will be with me for almost two weeks there and help accompany Ruslan and Nastia home.  They are paying for their tickets themselves with savings they have put aside...and they are beside themselves with excitement that they are going to visit a foreign country, see Ruslan again, meet Nastia and finally bring them home.

They'll be having a crash course in Eastern European history so they can know in whose presence and on what sacred ground they are standing.

The other reason I laughed was because the Lord seems to have me in training to see life as a series of experiences I am meant to have so as to test my faith, my endurance and my ability to rely on Him and His wisdom. 

The fact is, I know it will all work out.  I know these children will be here and are meant to be here.  There is nothing really standing in our way but little human errors that have had some little, and some big, consequences.  But, the reality is that they are both adoptable and our agency is honest and hardworking.  The Lord has blessed us with so many miracles, experiences and opportunities that I can see why He is doing what He is doing.

And, hey, none of us are going to get out of this life alive, so we might as well grin and bear it while we've got it, right?  It can ALWAYS be worse...


  1. Yep, we just have to live by "What's next?"

    Hey, I might be able to help HARVEST and not weed the garden if your date is put off a lot!

  2. Haha - I think I had all the reactions happen in my head all at once as I read about your news. Then relaxed as I read through how calm you are. So I will be calm too. It will ALL work out!