Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 4.3--Monday

Wow!  I'm beat.  I may just make this a shorter post...imagine that.

We have spent our day literally running from place to place.  We visited the kids from 10am-12:30pm and used the Russian Phrases for Dummies to practice English (which is actually going very well now that I can navigate the book a little better), we read scriptures and then played outside with a football (boys) some badminton equipment I bought at the dollar store (girls) until it was time to leave.  We ran home, grabbed some lunch and headed off to meet up with the missionaries who were playing volleyball at the Sea of Azov during p-day (Preparation Day...the one day a week they get to wash clothes, shop and/or play).

We had to walk down a MAJOR hill to get there and all I could think of was the fact that we had to walk back up!  And boy was it a DOOZY on the way back!

While down by the sea, we took pictures and I recorded messages from the missionaries for their parents.  I will be able to send them from my iPod using the wifi in the apartment.  Isn't that COOL??!  The parents will LOVE it.

We met our driver at 3pm (we were so sweaty and out of water) and he took us to the orphanage (after a water stop at a small store).  We played for about an hour and a half before it was time to leave again. 

Our driver then dropped us off at the store and we bought necessities and walked back to the apartment.  We had 15 minutes and then walked back up to meet the missionaries so they could take us on a bus with them to the Family Home Evening/lesson/discussion that was happening.

They then helped us get safely home and here we are!  Whew!

The elders may be able to take Chris on splits for their english speaking discussions on Wednesday.  He is SO excited!

Here are pictures and some details to go with them:

Before the big hill.  See how far down the sea is?  K...after today's activities, I'm feeling VERY old.  The only other "old" person there was Serge, the branch president (tall one in the middle).  He's 24.

Here we are at the Sea of Azov.  Notice the factory in the background and the mound of mining dirt on the left.  A coast like this would never look like that in America! 
The volleyball group...they were hilarious to watch!  A great group of people.

These sisters stuck together and chatted the whole way. Sister Bukata from Kharkiv (right) was especially interested in speaking english to Patty. Elder Hardy (left) is playing the traditional male role in the picture.

The whole Family Home Evening group!
After a great discussion on faith, there was dessert and a get-to-know-you game.  So fun! 

Chris honored me during the discussion.  When Elder Carly asked if anyone could share about someone in their life who was an example of faith, Chris was the first to raise his hand.  He said, "My mom" and then went on to explain about the difficulties we have had with this adoption and that I "never gave up".  That turned into an opportunity for me to bear testimony of the power Christ has in our lives when we turn them over to Him and trust His promptings.

One of the women in the room asked me if I was ready to deal with the fact that these kids we are adopting will be set in their ways.  She said motherhood is a "string of disappointments" as our children make choices opposite those we would have them make.  I was able to explain that I have no expectations for these kids.  I don't know what the future holds, I just know this is what I am supposed to do.  I explained that, like Nephi building the ship, I have to trust that the Lord has a marvelous plan and will show me how to carry out that plan, even when I don't even know how to find the ore to build the tools to make the ship.  He knows the way to where He is guiding me, even if I can't see it.  But, one thing is certain: wherever we are going is where I want to be...because He is taking us there.  If He is wants us there, it must be more wonderful than we can imagine.


  1. I'm teary with your testimony of motherhood. Thank you for sharing your faith with all of us. I'm praying the remainder of your 10 day waiting period goes smoothly.

  2. What an honor from Chris, and what a testimony of faith from Alisa! My personal Hero.