Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day 17.3--Sunday and Crazies

We got up at 7:30, were walking to the metro by 8:30, got to church by 10:05am (it ended at 1pm) and got home at 2:30.  How could I ever be late to a church that is four minutes from my house...especially when I own a car that runs? 

I have to admit that I was a little nervous about getting us there using the metro for the first time by myself.  I had the sweet Obolone missionaries offer to meet us and help us get to the actual church building.  Elder Waters and Elder Crookshank met us at the metro in Obolone, took us on the correct bus (which took 40 minutes to arrive at the stop) and walked us to the building.  Then, they turned around and headed back to their own area for their church meetings that start at 11.  They also talked me through how to get back.  They were so sweet to do all that for us!

Once inside the building (we entered during the opening hymn), Elder Peterson came and offered to translate the meeting for us.  There were some primary children and some youth so everyone had classes to go to after Sacrament Meeting.  They met some very nice kids who were super friendly.  Chris even had a friend who could translate the classes for him! 

Here the kids are waiting outside the church for us to be able to leave.  It was the only picture I got today.  I had no idea Ruslan wasn't smiling and just as I loaded it up to put it on the blog, I showed it to him and said, "Ruslan!  Look, you're not smiling!"

He has a very good grasp now on what the blog is and how many views it's getting every day.  When he saw a crazy picture Chris took of him on another post, he asked me to remove it.  I did, of course, but the damage has been done!  We'll just leave that part out of the explanation.  ;)

So, when he saw that he wasn't smiling he was shocked and a little disappointed.  So, he said, "Chris smile, me no smile.  Me Barak Obama."  Then, he pointed at the picture and, sliding his figure across the screen said, "Internet...'OBAMA'" telling me he wanted me to write "Obama" at the bottom of the picture.  We were laughing hysterically at his comments!

Both kids said they enjoyed church when Marsh asked while we were chatting this evening, so Ruslan's comment isn't indicative of the time he had there, I guess.  :)

Both girls had blisters on their feet when we got home and we entered an apartment that must have been in the upper 80s in terms of temperature.  I closed all the windows hoping to keep the temp down today, but apparently that didn't work.  I'm sure it got up to the 90s in was a little like an oven.  I finally opened all the windows when the sun went behind a neighboring apartment building.  It's cooled off, but I know we're still in the 80s.

It was a long afternoon and there were a few tears by Nastia.  This is not an easy situation.  She needs to be working, doing and fed...I think she ended up hungry and bored.  I have learned this is the worst combination for her.  It was so hot outside, that being out there wasn't any better.  But, we overcame the hurdles and now it is coming upon bedtime. 

Chris decided that it would be illegal in America to have people living in the kind of heat we experienced today!  I think he is pretty much sold on the good old USA after this experience.  :)

As the evening came on, the restlessness has turned into downright crazy behavior.  We have seen paper airplanes used as darts into the fan, leftover dinner fed to the resident wild cats that live just below our window (guess the bread and cheese were more appetizing than the dead pigeon nearby) and, as I write this, I am fearing for their safety and the safety of myself and the laptop as a game of "keep away" mixed with wrestling and paper airplanes has ensued.

So, I think I'll close and try to regain some control and calm...although I must admit I would much rather have "Me Barak Obama!" and "Me Won!" being shouted out along sweating and giggling happening than tears and quiet Ukrainians.  Much better memories!

Pause in the craziness to pose for a picture.

Craziness resumes rather quickly.  Ruslan is holding the prize paper airplane that is now sweated on and crumpled and worn to an unrecognizable state.

Ruslan is taken down by little sister!


  1. 80 to 90 degrees in your apartment?! Yikes! It sure looks like all your kiddos are happy, though. :)

  2. Wonderful kid fun! I am thinking of you and your travel to church as I am about to gt into my air conditioned car and travel the 5 miles to church.

  3. What a spunky bunch you have! Sorry you are all melting there, but everyone looks in relatively good spirits. I love seeing the photos of all the kids together - it looks like they have been long lost siblings who have just been joyfully reunited. :)