Saturday, June 16, 2012

All the Good--Our Adoption Agency

With all the adventures that we've had here in Ukraine, we wanted to point out some great things that we have experienced through the help of the agency, coordinator, and facilitators that we're working with.

Back in the USA, we have a wonderful coordinator who has been very encouraging, positive and helpful throughout this entire process.  He is a man of faith and has often expressed his view of things and their relationship with God.  He and his wife have adopted as well, so he is more than just a coordinator, but a fellow parent in adoption.  We have been glad that we could go to him with any concerns and questions throughout this process.

Here in Ukraine, we have had two great facilitators who have made sure we were met at airports and train stations with door to door service to our apartments, coordinating pick ups for appointments or trips to stores, etc.  At the train stations, our drivers have helped us with our luggage all the way to our cabins, making sure we are comfortably inside before leaving. 

Our facilitators have braved the crowds to search out and purchase train tickets (something that is no small feat in a country where most intercity travel is done by train).

Our drivers have been so kind and helpful, often taking the largest bags and offering hands in and out of vehicles and train cars.  We have come to know each of them by name and they too offer words of encouragement.  They are usually quite surprised to learn that Alisa is not Slavic, since her name is Russian and her beauty is similar to Slavic women (according to them).

We got a chance to see our main facilitator in action a few days ago, and were amazed at how much he juggles and oversees to allow all of these families to get through, what we all know, is a not-so-logical system.  We were glad he was helping us through the remainder of things and confident he is doing everything he can for us.

We would definitely recommend them to others.  Though we've had some hiccups in our process, we would use them again, because we are familiar with others' experiences with different agencies and can see that what we are getting is much better.

We have always felt looked after and safe while here in Ukraine.  Our living situations have been comfortable.  And, we have been welcome to discuss concerns and questions with our team throughout our experience and have felt listened to.

Written by Marsh


  1. It is nice to know that good people are all over the world! Keep that writing going, son!

  2. I totally agree - great agency all around!

  3. Agree, agree! Thinking of you Marsh on this Father's Day!