Saturday, June 9, 2012

SDA update--Saturday--Day 2.2

I figure since it's our second trip, our days should reflect that in their numbering! :) It is 3pm Kiev time, 6am Utah time. We just got back from the SDA office.  It was closed.  Our facilitator was given some misinformation, apparently, because he was under the impression that it was open today.  Our hope, then, is that it will be open Monday and Nastia's paperwork is there and ready for us to get going on it!   We will stay here in Kiev through Sunday and find the branch so we can attend church.  We are packing for departure Monday, however, exercising our faith that we will be able to get going that day. Love to you all!


  1. Clearly, you are not meant to adopt this kid! Could the message from the lord be any clearere??????

    1. StaN, there is a difference between "closed door" and "obstacle in the road". What the Morfords are encountering is not a closed door. Often when families pursue adoption, there are things like this that come up along the way. A "closed door" is when every option for action has been tried. What's happening here is normal. And the Morfords are demonstrating tenacity and diligence in the presence of a challenge. Watch and learn!

    2. StaN, How unfeeling your are!

    3. Hey, Stan.

      Thanks for your interest in our blog.

      If only it were that easy, right? That the second we met resistance in our lives, we knew it meant the Lord was telling us to stop and go another way?

      I can't help but think of instances where God made things harder on His people before delivering them from their situation, like Moses and the Israelites.

      And then you consider all of the Martyrs for Christ. No easy path there.

      We have had so many challenges along this path of adoption, but oh how sweet the blessings have been as well.

      It is in the midst of darkness, that the light is brightest, in the emptiness of silence that the voice of the Lord rings so sweet.

      Today, things didn't turn out the way we had hoped and prayed for, but we know the storm will pass.

      God bless you, Stan, and all you face in your own life.

  2. Thinking of you all! I actually miss being over there. I hope that things go smoothly on Monday. If there is anything we can do to help stateside - please let us know.

  3. I am so sorry for the trials you are going through Alisa! My prayers are with you and I will keep praying! You are doing so much for these kids.. they are blessed to have you as parents. Praying!!!!

    As an aside.. I do believe "Stan" must be a troll. I think it best he be ignored. I have heard of these things happening to others adopting from Europe..