Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 6.2.1--Kiev

I don't know if my numbering system is working for any of you, but I like it!  Today is day 6 of our stay in Ukraine, our second trip, the first post of the day.  Am I the only one this  makes sense to??

I figure I'll write another post later today.  I'm up early after a not-so-good night of restless sleep and thought I'd share what we are doing today. Late last night we got a call from our facilitator that we needed to come to the SDA office today to sign a paper requesting an SDA appointment.  That's right, go there to sign a paper..an activity that will take as long as the appointment itself which will, hopefully, happen tomorrow.

Nevertheless, the excitement is killing me.  Anything that will move us as step closer to resolution is welcome. I'm sure there is a reason for government things to be so complicated and illogical.  If nothing else, I guess it is an opportunity to practice patience and charity.

Our day is just beginning and yours is just ending.  Sleep tight, my little ones.  Sleep enough for Mommy, too, since that luxury still seems to evade me.  I'd much rather have my little people keeping me from it than having to blame it on jet lag because I'm away from them.

More later!

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  1. The numbering system makes sense - makes me feel like each post is a new edition of a computer program. ;) Hang tight!