Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 4.2--Nastia's Papers Have Arrived!

Hooray! Nastia's paperwork is in the SDA office! We were really hoping to have them just bring us in and let us have the referral, but apparently there is some red tape to get through and signatures to be acquired. We will hope they will give us the referral this Thursday. Of course, this is a deep disappointment for us as we were counting on being able to go to Mariupol today. However, we know the Lord is in charge and will work it all out for the best. Thank you for your prayers. Look at what they've done! Please also pray for our little family back home. Nana and Pop have a lot on their plate. We have asked the angels to attend them all.

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  1. We have prayed, are praying, and WILL pray! We are WITH you on this!