Tuesday, June 19, 2012


We just got the call that the papers are signed and all is ready for our SDA appointment on Thursday!  Thank you for your prayers and faith!

We will have to stay here for a few extra days so we will not depart until the beginning of next week.  Because of the 10-day waiting period between the SDA appointment and the notice of a court date, we would like to allow that waiting period to occur while we are home, rather than making another trip just to sign a paper to begin that process and have to return again or wait here another two weeks just for court.

 There is a document that we must sign that will allow the 10 day waiting period to begin and continue while we are home, but it cannot be signed until Monday because the SDA appointment is on Thursday and we don't actually receive the referral until Friday afternoon. 

It's tempting to feel frustrated that this is taking a few more days, but I know this will save us huge amounts of time and money so we are just counting our blessings that we are where we are now.  There is such a weight removed from our shoulders, that we really don't have room to dwell on anything negative.

We also don't need to return to our orphanage region to sign the document...a possibility we knew we were facing.  We can do this right there in Kiev and leave as soon as possible after it is accomplished.

There is light at the end of the tunnel now.  With this scenario, Marsh and I will return in a few weeks and be able to go straight to court...no appointments in Kiev. 

One of the last big hurdles...almost there!


  1. Wonderful!!! Happy, happy dance!!! I am so happy for you! My youngest daughter was reading over my shoulder just now, saw my happy dance comment.. and is dancing around the kitchen! So we celebrate for you in our house! :)


  2. Thank you, Brenda! That makes me so happy!

  3. This is all very exciting news!! I know how the waiting goes with so many hurdles to overcome. I'll never forget the day the attorney called and said, "Congratulations! It's two girls! So, what do you want to name them?" I can't wait for that day for you. :) ***squishy hugs and kisses!!**

  4. YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY!!!

    Actually, I should write, "Hallelujah, praise the Lord!"

    What a wonderful turn of events! A few more days now to save another expensive trip - totally worth it. I saw your family at Genola Days and again at church and they all look fabulous. You have a wonderful set of parents and they are keeping your little ones happy while you are away. So happy for you - thanks for sharing your joyous news!!