Friday, June 8, 2012

Paperwork Update...Day 1

I need to correct myself...Kiev is spelled "Kyiv" not "Kyev".  Sorry...let's blame it on the jet lag, shall we? :) Just an update about Nastia's paperwork and the SDA since we are getting questions via email.  We do not have word today that her paperwork arrived.  It is now 8pm here so the possibility of that today has ended.  As of today, Friday, the SDA has decided to remain open for Saturday instead of Monday.  Yes, this is a flip flop (again) from what was decided last week...a few different times ago...some flip flops ago...a couple days ago and back again.  MAYBE they'll decide to remain open on Monday, too!  That would buy us necessary time, if we need it at all.  I highly doubt that, though.  I gather that Ukrainians really like their holidays.  I feel for the people who have their SDA appointment scheduled for Monday and are traveling on Saturday.   By the way, the holiday this Monday was called by Parliament to celebrate the Euro Soccer Championship, not Ukraine joining the EU as some had thought. The ideal situation would be to have Nastia's paperwork arrive tomorrow and let us have the appointment tomorrow.  We could be off to the orphanage and getting the court paperwork started by Monday!  That would be so nice.  However, though I have learned to expect miracles, I have not learned to trust the Ukrainian government to speed anything along or take suggestions.  I'm sure those two things have to sync up in order to move the mountains Nastia's papers seem to be under.   I'll work on that...while I'm waiting.

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  1. Keep the faith! Keep being the Little train That Can!