Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 4.2.2--More Info

Please scroll down if you didn't read the first installment on this day. I know how blogs can scroll and we lose posts when there is more than one per day. We got a call from our facilitator after he visited the SDA office in person. He said we can always get more information from them in person than over the phone. Apparently, they have to process the paperwork in the order it is received, but thankfully there are very few to process this week. It has to go through the proper channels including being signed by the director. She has some meetings this week so she may be very busy. However, it is hoped that everything will be ready for an appointment for us on Thursday, barring something getting in the way of it. We should know on Wednesday for sure if we have our appointment Thursday. This is yet another opportunity to exercise faith and motivate things to move along.

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